20+ Fresh Free Templates In Html/css And Psd Plus Gui Packs (edition: April 2015)

HTML + PSD templates plus an assortment of GUI packs – these are the ingredients of our regular roundup of the web's freshest free resources. 28. shares. Welcome to the last round of our free HTML and PSD templates showcase, at least for the year 2015.

Flexbox Patterns: Ready-to-use Building Blocks For Your Design In theory, it's pretty straightforward to use flexbox (Flexible Box Module) to build complex layouts If you're anything like me: here's a list of 10 example flexbox layouts with CSS that you can copy and paste to get started with your own layouts. We can create a 3×3 grid by setting flex-grow to 0 and
How ai-enabled surveillance helps Track Public Health How AI-Enabled Surveillance Helps Track Public health. 0. shares. share tweet linkedin. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an addition to human intelligence, based on learning algorithms and neural networks as strategies for data selection, analysis and predictions. It’s mostly used for replacement of manual work and as an alternative to finding new ways of solving issues.

Here's another amazing round-up of web HTML and PSD templates and UI kits for you to inspire or feed your web, mobile, and hybrid designing. An amazing set of over 5 thousand icons crafted for video and multimedia production purposes delivered in Ai format as well as PNG previews ranging 24…

Shades Of Grey: Showcase Of B&w Photography Photography is such a vast field filled with so many amazing techniques and tricks for taking the world around us and stealing moments from it with often The artists' work that we have turned our spotlight onto is devoid of colors, but in these stirring shades of grey you will find some powerful pieces… Today

juan pablo sarmiento march 28th, 2015. We have a pretty awesome bundle of GUI packs and HTML templates that will not only simplify your developments, but also give you Created by: Pixel Buddha and PSD2HTML Features: Perfect for apps or presentations, comes in both PSD and HTML…

How To Go Paperless Learn how to go paperless with productivity expert jill duffy's tips and suggestions. Going digital is easy. The hard part is not letting paper start to creep back in. If you're ready to get rid of most of the paper in your life, here's what you need to know to get started and to keep

20+ Fresh and Free HTML and PSD Templates plus GUI Packs: August 2015. If fresh templates, GUI packs and freebies are what you were looking for, your search should come to a halt. The following resources collection picking comes full of free resources like themes and templates, user…

20+ Fresh Free Templates in HTML/CSS and PSD plus GUI Packs (May 2015). Draco: PSD and HTML Template. Created by/for: afnizar nur ghifarifeatures: clean look, responsive code version, great for resumes or March 2015 | 20 Fresh and Free Templates in HTML and PSD.