2018’s Unavoidable Logo Design Trends

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logo-trends. designs really pop out at you, this trend was once known for sports teams and now is venturing to different horizons… Often included with a relatively simple symbol encapsulated by a thick, normally dark, outline which brings the design forward.

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recognizing logo design trends is an essential part of choosing a logo design style which feels fresh and relevant, and there's no better time to get on track than the dawn of the new 2018 looks to be an interesting year for logo design trends. We see both experimental typography and a return to basics.

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A logo is an essential component of every company’s corporate design.Because of that, logo design should not exclusively follow current trends. A bit of freshness doesn’t hurt either, though.. A business logo is the first element customers connect to a brand.If its design is distinctive and catchy, people will remember it.There’s no more natural or more reliable way for brands to keep …

Of course, logo design trends don't follow these underlying assumptions of working logo designers, as they only represent the zeitgeist. With this out of the way, let's now look into the current logo design trends of 2018, which you can apply to your work with a bit of artisanal skill.

In logo design, many of the trend-countering serif, signal a return to a period when a little fat and curve on the bones was a good thing. Very honored to have 3 of my designs featured in the 2018 Trends Report along with some designers and firm I admire. Thanks again Bill for the inclusion.

As a trend it’s a bit of broad stroke, but an unavoidable one nonetheless, seen in redesigned logos in 2017 by brands such as Calvin Klein, Giraffe, Ebury and too many others to mention. 03. Modern retro. The new F1 logo feels like a modern spin on a 1980s look . Formula 1 recently unveiled its first new logo in 23 years. The design, led by …