An Introduction To Variable Fonts For Web Designers

An introduction to Variable Fonts for designers and brand experts and owners. I'm currently on my way home from a pretty spectacular few days in Berlin for TYPO Labs. Oct 22, 2017. Variable fonts & the future of web design.

Variable Fonts and the Future of Web DesignChallenges for the Designer and Developer. When a graphic designer prepares their work, they typically export the final artwork in a way that either OpenType variable fonts allow us to store multiple variations of a type family into a single font file. Monotype ran an experiment by combining 12…

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A Boon to web typography. variable fonts look to bring web typography to a higher level. Rather than being forced into using only the available styles, designers will have the power to do more. Add this to simplified font management and increased performance and you have something that can benefit virtually any project.

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