Content Marketing: Don’t Miss These Five Trends In 2016

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09/12/2015  · What will drive your team’s marketing success in 2016? In this webinar, Scott Meyer, founder of 9 Clouds, will walk you through five key trends that will drive the automotive marketing industry in 2016 and what you need to take advantage of them. How prepared are you for these 2016 trends…

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16/12/2015  · Marketers must adapt or die as social continues to evolve in 2016, Victor Pineiro writes. Here are five trends marketers can’t ignore.

These innovations – and the trends they represent – show what consumers will want next, and present you with actionable innovation opportunities in 2016. But readers who are serious about understanding the direction of consumerism across multiple dimensions will have already spotted that these trends don’t sit in splendid isolation.

And, finally, 2016 will be the year that "1-to-1 personalized video" and "content individualization" find their place in the modern marketing dictionary. video personalization is the idea of weaving the viewer’s name, company logo, or perhaps linkedin picture seamlessly into the video content itself to bring the viewer into the story—literally.

5 Digital Marketing Trends in Banking for 2016 Subscribe Now Get The Financial Brand Newsletter for FREE – Sign Up Now Financial institutions are slow to change, mostly due to prevailing attitudes about how things should be done and the protracted time-scales required for nearly any initiative. But these five marketers share the major forces driving digital channels in 2016…

Slides from my talk at Integrated Live on 16th November 2016, on trends to avoid in content marketing!