How Will Rest Api Affect WordPress Developers?

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Similarly, as an existing WordPress developer, it might be well worth the effort to start learning JavaScript and REST API, so that by the time REST API is fully integrated into WordPress, you are ready to accept new challenges and come up with new solutions. For that matter, Tuts+ have an ongoing series about WordPress REST API.

REST (Representational state transfer) api is a software architectural style that determines how web services communicate with each other through hypertext transfer protocol.In June 2013, Ryan McCue and Rachel Baker from WordPress uploaded the REST API project to GitHub.After gaining a lot of public support and attracting nearly 100 contributors for future improvement, the project was added to …

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20/07/2018  · By understanding the REST API, WordPress developers can choose the most effective way to implement each task, without being confined to specific technologies or platforms such as PHP or the WordPress back end. Used effectively, the REST API makes third party integrations much easier…It even opens up new opportunities, for example to create your own WordPress-based mobile apps, or …