Seo: How To Deal With Duplicate Content

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Duplicate content may not be what you think it is. But it is a big problem. In these excerpts from my Fast Track SEO Course we’ve skipped a lot of essential on-page SEO guides to get to this issue. (But don’t worry the complete course is available for just £4.99 from Amazon).. The reason we’re in such a rush is simply that the issue of duplicate content is huge.

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27/12/2019  · Duplicate content issues – whether offsite or onsite – can damage your SEO efforts. Let’s look at the problems and solutions for duplicate content.

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OnCrawl Blog > SEO Thoughts > How to deal with duplicate content? Duplicate content is one of the main issues webmasters can meet. It refers to content that appears in more than one place on a website. Duplicate content can be inside but also outside of your website. In fact, it causes troubles to crawlers since it is impossible to tell which piece is more relevant than the other for a given …

quelques infos sur Google (et Bing parfois) et son moteur de recherche, glanées ici et là de façon officieuse ces derniers …

SEO: How to Deal With Duplicate Content. 41. SHARES. Share Tweet Linkedin. Why is duplicate content a problem, and how can you solve it? In the following article, we’ll answer these questions. Duplicate Content: the Problem. Now you might say you didn’t have duplicate content. But most likely, the reason for that is that you don’t fully know what duplicate content is. You made sure that …

De l’anglais Search Engine Optimization, le SEO définit des processus d’optimisation pour les moteurs de recherche.