What To Do When Your Client Won’t Pay

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What do you do when a freelance client doesn't pay? Here's your checklist for dealing with clients who refuse to pay for your services already rendered. In the 10 years I have been a freelance producer I have never been stiffed by a client. Sure, late payments are no fun, but I have always…

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That's when the client disappeared. We knew where to reach the client. We sent emails and left messages and even got several "point" people on Building a successful business has a lot to do with learning from your mistakes. The first time you are faced with a client who will not pay, you will feel…

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Some clients will try to get out of paying by simply ignoring your invoices, emails, and calls. And if you back down, they'll get away with doing just that. As a freelancer, there's perhaps nothing more frustrating or upsetting than having a client who won't pay. If you land in this unfortunate situation…

Clients Who Don't Pay Invoices and How to Deal With ThemIt is, sadly, inevitable that every accounting practice will, at some point, have to deal with a client who won't pay. In this situation, you probably won't want to give them your work (how will you get paid if you do?) but it's difficult to know what your rights are.