Why You Should Stop Worrying About Originality

Experts say the personal data we most commonly give up online promotes our privacy in other ways, but the kicker remains: Can we trust how that data will be used?

"Worrying about the future seldom did anything to help improve it. If you wanted to do something about the future, you had to put some effort into it. All the more reason we should be wise in avoiding debt and preparing for emergencies by making sure we have an emergency fund and proper…

You hear a lot about how tirelessly software founders work. Most major companies retell stories of how in the early days their founder stayed up all night to build You hear about how they rose to the top by sheer will and work ethic. Not me. In fact, I might be one of the laziest founders in all of Silicon Valley.

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WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER WORRY ABOUT “ORIGINALITY”"You're such a good boy, Daniel.". "Sarah, that was a nice thing you did. You're a sweetheart.". Did you hear phrases like this when you were younger? If you're a parent, have you said something similar to your child? This form of praising starts in early childhood.

10. You picked a wedgie without thinking about it and you're pretty sure eight people saw. 11. That someone will notice the tiny stain on your shirt. 13. How your hair looks. 14. Being judged for what you are eating. 15. Why you don't have plans this weekend. 16. That you had that second cookie.

Why You Should Stop Worrying About Originality Written by Eric Karkovack on July 30, 2018 A common thread amongst designers is the desire to create something original.

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